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How playlists used to be made

1.5 hrs browsing through songs for the right picks

+ 1 hr curating tracks for the right mood/vibe

+ 1 hr researching artists' top tracks

+ 0.5 hr dealing with mismatched genres

+ 1 hr reading music blogs for recommendations

+ 1 hr refining and reshuffling the playlist order

+ 1 hr of overthinking song choices...

= 7+ hours of musical chaos 🎵💥

With Playlistable

Generate playlists tailored to your mood, favorite artists, or favorite songs in under a minute.

Effortlessly generate playlists with AI

Discover new artists and songs that perfectly match your taste. Just input a mood prompt or let our Playlist Maker analyze your listening history on Spotify, and we'll do the rest.

Experience Song Match: Your Personalized Playlist Adventure

Start with your favorite song and let our AI Playlist Generator take you on a personalized playlist adventure. Dive into a new world of music discovery with Song Match.

Discover with Artist Match

Choose your favorite artist and let our AI Playlist Maker curate a playlist that aligns with their style. With Artist Match, discover similar sounds and uncover new artists to love.

Customize Your Spotify Playlists

Whether you want to add a song you just discovered or remove a song you're tired of hearing, Playlistable makes it easy to create the perfect playlist for you.

Seamless Spotify Integration

Our app seamlessly integrates with your Spotify account, making it easy to listen to your personalized playlists on the go.


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Can you use AI to make a playlist?
Our playlist generator uses GPT-4 Turbo to generate song recommendations based on the mood prompt and other parameters provided by you. Please note that the data only goes until the end of December 2023, but we are working on adding a feature that will allow us to include newer songs and artists in the future.
Can I customize the generated playlist?
Yes, once a playlist is generated, you can easily add or remove songs from it to personalize it to your liking.
What types of moods can I use to generate a playlist?
Our playlist generator allows users to input their own mood prompt, so the range of moods is unlimited. Examples: Energetic pop for a workout - Chill indie for a rainy day - Driving down the road on a hot summer evening with the windows down - Sad songs for a breakup - Happy songs for a party, etc.
How many songs will be included in the generated playlist?
The generated playlist will include up to 50 songs, but this can vary depending on the availability of songs that match the mood.
Can I save the generated playlist to my Spotify account?
Yes, our service will automatically add the generated playlist to your Spotify account, which you can then access.
Is the generated playlist unique to me, or will other users receive the same playlist?
The generated playlist is unique to each user and is based on their individual mood prompt.
Is my listening history used to generate playlists?
Yes, if you choose to, you can generate a playlist based on your listening history, which will use your latest played songs. This allows you to create playlists that match your taste.
Can I make a playlist for free?
Yes, you can generate up to 2 playlists for free on Spotify, no matter if you have a free or premium account.

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